Burn calories in 8 weeks with your bike

Bicycling, in addition to being an agile and inexpensive mode of transportation, is an opportunity to lead a healthier life. We propose an easy and effective plan to model your body in a few weeks.

Summer invites us to go out, to do outdoor activities and to want to see ourselves better. Most of us probably know how to ride a bike and even have one at home. The time has come to start moving and abandoning sedentary life. With a proper plan and consistency, in a few weeks you will lose those extra pounds and feel better.

Bicycling has many physical and emotional benefits

Biking is an aerobic activity that allows us to exercise our muscles without having a strong impact on our joints. In addition, it is a suitable exercise for almost everyone as we can adapt the intensity, time and distance we travel to our abilities.

When riding a bicycle we can use different muscle groups alternating active physical work with rest periods (we pedaleamos with intensity, pedaleamos to a minor intensity or we do not pedaleamos). This type of work allows us to do a physical activity that, if it is gradual, avoids us to end up giving up or exhausted.

Bicycling has many physical and emotional benefits:

  • Free your mind
  • Improves mood
  • Prevent stress
  • Tones muscle mass
  • Improves lung capacity
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • It slows the development of high blood pressure
  • Lowers “bad” cholesterol levels and increases “good” cholesterol
  • Stimulates balance (if not fixed bike)

However, in order for cycling exercise to be a real body work and see its results, we must differentiate it from a simple bike ride or opt for a stationary bike. Here we suggest a plan (which can be done with regular or stationary bikes) that will allow you to lose weight while feeling better and better.

Bicycle plan for 8 weeks

  • Week 1 and 2: Frequency: three times a week. Pre-heating: Pedaling at a moderate pace for 10 minutes. Intense cycling for 5 minutes. Cooling: Pedaling at moderate pace for 5 minutes; total time: 20 minutes.
  • Week 3 and 4: Frequency: three times a week. Pre-heating: Pedaling at a moderate pace for 10 minutes. Cycling at an intense pace: 3 times of 5 minutes each. Cooling: Pedaling at a moderate pace: 3 times 5 minutes each. Total time: 40 minutes.
  • Week 5 and 6: Frequency: four times a week. Pre-heating: Pedaling at a moderate pace for 5 minutes. Cycling at an intense pace: 4 times of 5 minutes each. Cooling: Pedaling at a moderate pace: 4 times 5 minutes each. Total time 45 minutes.
  • Week 7 and 8: Frequency: four times a week. Pre-heating: Pedaling at a moderate pace for 10 minutes. Cycling at an intense pace: 5 times of 5 minutes each. Cooling: Pedaling at a moderate pace: 5 times 5 minutes each. Total time 60 minutes.

The most important thing is to devise a program that allows us to exercise gradually and then increase the intensity. The most common mistake made by beginners is to pedal in a too high gear that only causes fatigue and overloads the knees.

Elongation to prevent injury.

It is advisable to stretch the muscles before and after any physical activity. Do these exercises slowly and consciously so that you don’t get hurt.

Stretch back and rear leg muscles: Sit with one leg flexed and the other leg straightened, bend the trunk over the thigh of the leg straightened. Hold that posture for 20 to 30 seconds and relax. I repeated three times with each leg. If you take the sole of your foot with your hands and push it forward, you will be stretching cuff links as well.

Elongation of the buttocks: sit with your legs stretched, cross the right knee over the left knee, elevate the left leg to bring the right knee closer to the chest. Hold for 20 seconds and relax. Repeat three times with each leg.

Lose weight properly

Proper weight loss is the best way to start a healthy lifestyle, without dangerous diets or weight loss products that have more unfavorable than positive reactions. Over a good period of time, it weighs over two hundred and sixty pounds. I gained incredible weight gain from 140 pounds to 260 pounds in one year. I couldn’t believe it, just climbing certain steps was a huge effort for my heart that beat but fast of the normal with what tachycardia suffered. Another thing was that I had high cholesterol and generally my health was bad. The high blood pressure and inconvenience of breathing and sleeping made me practically add to my body and life.

I took every drug in the pharmacy and T. V. offers. to lose or lose weight but nothing worked. I don’t want to say they were scams, but I think no medicine can make your life change. Change needs to come from within and this takes care and sacrifice. In this fast weight loss weblog the purpose is not to sell you a magic product but rather to transmit a healthy method of losing fat and anatomical weight without losing health.

Many traditional home made and traditional antidote medicines for thinness bring a huge number of side effects that hurt your heart, liver and usually the whole body.

The question is,”Can you lose weight fast?” the answer is yes, and it’s easier than you think, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. You must understand that this is not only a question of looking better or thinner, but it is a question of health and that your life depends to a great extent on how much you weigh.
  2. It is essential not to stop eating but to eat more regularly and change what you eat.
  3. In order to lose kilos you must know your body and the groceries that fatten you personally. Not all of us are fattened exactly the same groceries or the same amounts
  4. While healthy and organic foods are a little expensive, so are medications, supplements or medical treatments that cost you an unhealthy lifestyle.

"Can you lose weight fast?" the answer is yes

How slim the abdomen in one week safely

Being able to show a flat abdomen is the dream of many people. Usually happens with poor diet and sedentary life is generated accumulation of fat especially in the abdominal area. To learn how slim the abdomen in one week and get the best results, you must set in motion a plan to get the results you want.

Change the nutrition

The first step is to make a change in the nutrition. If your goal is to slim the abdomen in a week, you must be very strict when it comes to eating. There are certain foods that are the most fattening in the abdomen. One of these is beer, which provides air to the belly, and consequently bulges it. The high content of barley causes the belly to increase in volume and alcohol slows metabolism. Therefore drinking beer is strictly forbidden if you want to have a flat abdomen.how slim the abdomen in seven days

Choose natural foods such as fresh vegetables, especially green leaves. Salads can be made for lunch and dinner. In the market there is a great variety of vegetables so that you can make different salads every day, without ending up being something boring and routine.

How slim the abdomen in one week

The important part of any diet is, and in this case especially since it is a short-term diet, you should drink plenty of fluids. Of course, we must avoid foods that retain liquids, because this would not be fulfilling the goal of drinking water. The action of drinking water is to help the body to eliminate the toxins and fats that usually accumulate in the cells.

Doing some activity that helps burn many calories in a short time, it is an option that must be taken into account. You can do a sit-up routine that is done every day. The ideal would be to perform 100 abs a day at least. Maybe at first it seems impossible to do, but over time and perseverance is achieved.

You can reduce some inches of waist with reducing gels. These reducing products are absorbed through the skin and reach the adipose tissue, acting locally. There are esthetic centers where they specialize in applying these gels and they perform massages that stimulate their function. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids after a session of these to remove all the fat from the body.

A long-term plan

In general, in order to have a flat abdomen, do not leave aside the goal of getting a different lifestyle. This implies that it is best not to try to lose weight in a short period of time, such as a week. The healthiest thing is to have a balanced weight that does not make it necessary to seek extreme measures.

So instead of looking to know how slim your abdomen in one week, it is preferable to have a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a balanced diet and physical activity should be routine and not part of an occasional plan.

How slim the Face and your whole body

There are certain areas of the body that are easier to lose weight than others. The case of how slim the face seems to be one of the most complicated. But do not be discouraged because there are many solutions to this. Also it is necessary to understand that many times the rounded form of the face is something typical of the people and although much weight is lost, it can still be rounded. In cases like these there are also solutions.how to slim the face with exercise

Steps for slim your face

Exercises that require resistance and weight lifting are ideal for obtain a thinner face. There is a close relationship between weight lifting and slimming of the face. This is because when you force too much, it puts stress on the whole body and especially on the face. If you pay attention to the people who lift weight, you will see that they make many faces and that the tension rises to the face.

If weight lifting is not for you, you can opt for some activity that requires aerobic wear. Running, swimming or biking are the exercises that have the best effects on rounded faces. Doing any of these activities at least three times a week, produces visible changes in a short time.

The nutrition is also a very important step. It is better to choose foods that contain a lot of fiber that in addition to aiding digestion, require an effort for chewing muscles. So you are exercising on the face while you are eating. You can also chew chewing gum that does not contain sugar, but you should check with your trusted dentist.

How Slim the Face Effectively

If you follow all the steps indicated it is effective that you will get how slim the face. In cases of trouble you can use the makeup to hide a little cheek. It is usually made darker under the cheekbones to illuminate them. This creates an effect where the cheeks appear tucked in.

These techniques are widely used by all celebrities to have thin and delicate faces. Look for videos or consult with a professional makeup artist, so you can do it yourself and get that thin face that you searched so much in an instant. Getting a thin face is easy if you follow all the steps.

A bigger problem

Finally you must be very careful not to obsess about this topic. If you are overweight, you are probably looking to know how to lose all your body, not just your face. If you have the one that corresponds to you, but still your face is windy, you may not be considering reality.

And if this happens, you may be experiencing some kind of body dysmorphic disorder, obsessing you about how slim the face.

If this is the case, you may need psychological help. This will help you overcome problems with yourself that you may not have noticed before.

How Cure Erectile Dysfunction Effectively

Sometimes the remedies are very close to us, because our habits determine much the health of we enjoy. There are many techniques and remedies to cure erectile dysfunction. As an example, in the case of longevity, only 25% depends on the genetic information of each person, and the rest is about habits and context. For this reason, the solution for many evils is often in prevention, because once one already suffers from a disease, it can also be improved with the formation of new behaviors.How Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Remedies for Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Some remedies to treat erectile dysfunction that will help you are natural. Red Gingseng is often helpful. But a dose of Testoultra that from 600 to 900 mg three times a day is a great remedy against this problem. At least seven studies have shown the effectiveness of this supplement. It is even used as a substitute for the Viagra pill, as it increases testosterone and naturally improves sexual performance.

At the level of food, it is recommended to make the Mediterranean diet; it is rich in fruits, vegetables, pasta, olive oil, wine, tomatoes, and legumes, among others. The variety of Mediterranean food is very good for cardiovascular problems. According to some medical experts up to 80% of cases of erectile dysfunction are related to heart problems. In these cases, it is actually a symptom. Also, if you strengthen your heart, you will most likely also strengthen your reproductive system.

Acupuncture is a highly effective method against erectile dysfunction. A 2003 study shows how 21% of participants substantially increased their erections. In a study prior to the year 1997, up to 39% of participants had increases and improvements.

Diet to combat the Erectile Dysfunction

Arginine is a good remedy against erectile dysfunction. Since proper blood flow is vital for a satisfying sexual act, this is a necessary amino acid for this occurs. This is found in foods such as soy, brown rice, chicken meat, nuts and dairy. However, it is also sold in herbal shops.

Stress is not a good counselor for sexual desire or concentration. So meditating is very important so that you give a respite to the mind and with this to your whole body. Remember that everything is connected.

It is also very influential in sexuality to have a good source of zinc in food. Studies have shown that this mineral helps improve blood flow to the main organs and the penis.

Some types of fruits such as banana, pomegranate, strawberries, oranges, melon, and watermelon are a great source of phytonutrients and reduce erectile dysfunction. Watermelon is a very good source of lycopene, this is responsible for relaxing blood vessels. Also works similarly as Viagra, the difference is that this is natural, without side effects.

Miracle soup, effective and easy to do

Consuming fresh vegetables and fruits is a good way to have a healthy life avoid diseases and also lose weight. There are many nutritional plans that help us not only to lose weight but also to have a flat abdomen. One of the most popular and easy to make diets is the miracle soup diet. It is a recipe that helps eliminate toxins from the body and improves the functioning of the body.

The so called miracle soup is composed of a vegetable based broth that helps to eliminate weight and burn fat accumulated in adipose tissue.miracle soup calories

What is fat burning soup or miracle soup diet

The miracle soup diet is based on that when drinking this broth, will burn fat more easily. Even in winter. This soup is made with vegetables that are low in calories but that speed up the metabolism. This way you lose weight faster by nurturing them specifically.

The recipe for this soup is as follows; you need half a cabbage which is very rich in potassium and calcium. Six medium-sized onions, six skinless tomatoes, three stalks of celery, three fresh peppers, and condiments to taste salt and pepper will also be required. The function of pepper is to provide calcium. It also gives a feeling of satiety that is always welcome when consuming less food.

Each of these vegetables plays a special role. For example the large amount of onions that it contains causes the control of uric acid. It also helps to burn fat and eliminates the typical health problems of obesity. In addition there are other types of diets such as fat burning soup diet, which is very similar, helps to lose weight, to eliminate fat accumulated in adipose tissue.

When to do the miracle soup diet

The miracle soup diet is done over a period of seven days and is also very good for detoxifying the body of toxins and pollutants. After these seven days you can return moderately to a diet composed of more protein and more nutrients. If you wish you can do the soup diet every three weeks.

Also the miracle soup diet is easy to do. The same amount of vegetables should be mixed so that a thick soup is formed. It can liquefy to give it a creamy texture.

The Importance of Detoxification

The most important benefit of this soup is to offer an effective detoxification. The toxins that frequently accumulate in the body are another factor that favors the retention of fats

When these are eliminated, the body carries out a much more effective digestive process, which removes fats from the body with great effectiveness. For this reason the miracle soup diet, offers a natural and highly effective method.

What is the dissociated diet and what are its benefits

Many times we wonder if the dissociated diet works. It is a diet that is not based so much on the amount of food, as on the distribution and combination of food throughout the day.

Along with the Dunkan diet or the so-called Montiganac diet, the dissociated diet is one of most popular and allowed when it comes to losing weight. It is a diet that demands a lot of constancy. It also implies knowing well how the food we eat in the day, has the advantage of allowing almost everything to eat and lose weight quickly and easily.dissociated diet meal plans

The dissociated diet is based on not mixing in the same food: fats, proteins or sugars. This is because our digestive system would assimilate them better if taken separately. To do this, the diet separates foods into 15 groups, which must be strictly combined following the table of compatibilities specially designed for the dissociated diet.

How to make the dissociated diet?

According to what the dissociated diet says, these are the food groups:

  • Sour fruits (such as: oranges, lemons, grapefruit)
  • Semi-acid fruits (cherry, fig, peach, apple, pear, kiwi, watermelon)
  • Sweet fruits (raisins, prunes, dried figs, dried apricots)
  • Oleaginous fruits (almond, oil, coconut, nuts, pistachios, avocado)
  • Cereals (rice, flour, pasta, bread)
  • Legumes and sprouts (chickpeas, lentils, peas, soybeans)
  • Vegetables (eg squash, zucchini, artichoke, eggplant, cucumber, radish, pepper, carot)
  • Feculates (Chestnuts, potatoes, bananas, sweet potatoes)
  • Vegetables and algae ( beets, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, mushrooms, celery, cauliflower)
  • Garlic and onions
  • Eggs and milk
  • Butter
  • Cheeses
  • Meats and fish (including marinades, sausages and preserves)

Basic data of the dissociated diet

The dissociated diet is based on 12 rules that applied in our day to day, will help us to lose weight more effectively. As with any weight loss regimen, you have to follow it with a firm decision to achieve the stated goal. This is a diet designed primarily to eliminate overweight and regain an ideal healthy weight. The first step is to determine how many kilos we want to lose.

These are the basic rules of the dissociated diet. The most important is not to eat carbohydrates or meat proteins after 7 p.m. Let the digestion be done well, with a minimum of three hours between meals. After a meal, avoid dairy products, opt for infusions, a cup of coffee, or a skim or bio yogurt (the latter is a compatible food). Drinking sugary drinks such as soda or juice is recommended during meals and digestion. It is better to opt for water, or a glass of wine. If the person eats fried foods, they must be prepared in very hot oil and before serving, drain the food well in paper napkins.

It is also necessary to know that at present due to the fast pace of life many people have an inadequate diet and therefore have had great increases in weight. Due to the aforementioned, the natural supplements are of great importance for weight loss, since a lot of supplements have component that are very nutritious helping to lose weight, have a better quality of life being much healthier and natural active properties, can help burn fats in less time.

Nootropic Source Review, Are they really useful?

Nootropics in some cases are called smart drugs. These compounds are made to improve brain functionality. They have become a popular way to provide your mind an additional boost and provide you a better memory even when you have worked or stayed until late hours. But, what you need to know is that not every possible drug can do you good. This is why we decided to provide you some Nootropic Source Review, which might be beneficial while choosing your new supplement.Nootropic Source Review

How you can pick the best nootropics?

Whenever you seem like buying and using nootropic supplements, you can always pick from a range of alternatives. You can decide to buy them without prescription from various health stores and regional pharmacies. However, the majority of users choose to purchase their nootropics from online suppliers.

Online suppliers provide competitive prices and can give you detailed information about the desired product. They will even provide you testimonials and trial results, but not everything they say is true. This is why today we are doing Nootropic Source Review in order to see whether this company is great or not.

New Star Nootropics

New Star Nootropics is a newly formed enterprise which is only functional since 2012. In a brief period of time, they attained enormous success growing into the nootropic market, but are their supplements safe? By reading the Nootropic source review, you will be able to find out all the answers.

Rather than offering just pills, this company also provides powders and similar tinctures. They claim that their powders are made of top notch and they do make all of the efforts to ensure that the quality stays undamaged.

What New Star Nootropics offer

As you know, we are doing Nootropic Source review, so we really wanted do show you what this company offers. Besides brain enhancing supplements, they also offer nasal sprays, powders and other products, for which we really don’t know very much.

In case you are allergic to some medicine, there is no way for you to find out if their products will do you no harm. The second thing is even though they claim their products are safe and prices affordable, when you go to their website the numbers prove otherwise.

In case you become addictive on some of their supplements, you are likely going to spend a pile of money to support this decision.

Nootropic Source Review

We have come to the end, but before we close, let’s read some Nootropic source review.

“I recently purchased a nootropic, because I am a working mom and joggling work and kids and home is exhausting. I really believed that these supplements would increase my energy and memory, but instead it got worse. I really wish I did not spend my money on this terrible product” – Amy F.

“I ordered my nootropic a week ago, and although it has improved my memory, I am not that satisfied. I have tried better products which were much affordable.”- Cristina G.

“I am generally satisfied with their products, but still there are cheaper variants which have even better effects. I would definitely buy my supplements from somewhere else” – Danny D.


Choosing quality supplements should be your number one priority when it comes to brain enhancers or also called nootropics. You had a chance to read a few Nootropic source review, and you are aware that there are far better companies which offer quality supplements. We did a hard research, and after hours of reading reviews and testimonials we decided to mention BrainPlus IQ as the safest and effective supplement out there. Try it and you will not regret it!

Erectile Dysfunction Injections video demo

Impotence, which is generally called erectile dysfunction, means not being able to attain an erection. The reasons for erectile dysfunction are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and some cancer treatments. That why we present here an erectile dysfunction injections video, which can be of great help in carrying out a treatment.

What Erectile Dysfunction Injections Video are?

The erection tissue is a muscle. Going long durations of time without erection is unhealthy for the tissue and might also harm it.erectile dysfunction injection therapy video

Erectile dysfunction after chemotherapy may be because of damage to the testicles, which can trigger a low level of testosterone.

Erectile Dysfunction Inyections are the latest, fastest and more effective treatment to solve the impotence.

ED after surgical treatment of radiation may be because of:

  • Nerve injury
  • Blood vessel damage
  • Penile tissue damage

Erectile dysfunction injections video is the best help for achieving erections. It is best if it is given about 10 minutes before intercourse.

Erectile Dysfunction Injections Therapy

Erectile dysfunction injections video is one of the best choices for treating erectile dysfunction, besides taking RX24. Self-injection of these drugs has been extremely useful.

Erectile dysfunction injections therapy is the most effective way to be able to have erections again. In fact, if your vascular structure is healthy, then after this treatment you will be able to obtain rigid erection. Man on anticoagulant medications cannot use this treatment.

Your doctor will determine a correct dose for your erectile dysfunction injections therapy. The dose is altered to obtain an erection with appropriate rigidness for no more than 90 minutes.

The Erectile dysfunction injections cannot be done more than 3 times a week.

What you should do before taking ED injections

Erectile dysfunction injections are good for everyone, however there are still some risks from using it, and this is why it is important to consult with your doctor about the possible consequence.


Now you’ll  have a chance to see erectile dysfunction injections video, besides instructions for manual intervention.

Before taking Alprostadil – which is the actual injection, make sure you let your doctor know if you have: allergic response to dye, allergic response to alprostadil, if you have penile implant, a history of unpleasant erection, and some other conditions.

You should inform your doctor in case you have bleeding problems, red or scratchy penis, penile infection, birth defects and so on.

How to do ED injections alone

Erectile dysfunction injections can be a little bit painful in the beginning, but it is all worth it. As they say: No pain, no gain!

We have provided a medical erectile dysfunction injections video which might help you learn how to do it alone.

For those who wish to read the instructions here is the manual:

  1. Take the tab off the vial, if you are utilizing it for the first time and toss the tab away. You must always wipe the rubber stopper with alcohol prior to your place the needle, to remove bacteria.
  2. Get rid of the cap from the needle and do not touch it with your hands. It has to be sterile.
  3. Pull the plunger of syringe back, past the dose you want to inject. Hold the syringe in your hand like you hold a pen.
  4. Insert the needle through the circle in the center of the rubber stopper on the vial.

For more steps, you can click on the video and find out.


If you think that medication does not work, you have probably never tried TestoUltra. In case you are more interested in penile therapy, watch the erectile dysfunction injections video and see if injections are your best shot.

Erectile Dysfunction Injections Video

How to lose weight without losing boobs? It’s possible?

Wight reduction is something that every woman desires to achieve, however, not at the expense of their more vital curvy body parts. After all, it is those terrific curves that help males to pay attention to them, so burning them away is the last thing they desire to do. If you wish to know how to lose weight without losing boobs, the facts is that it can be done. It might be a bit difficult. However, you will find that with the ideal diet plan and weight loss program, you can shed pounds of fat without shedding cup sizes.

How to lose weight without losing boobs

If you were looking for ways to lose weight and you became desperate, do not despair, because we will tell you how to lose weight without losing boobs. You must understand that dieting is hard, but you need persistence in order to achieve noticeable results. Read our steps which will make you have the body you desire.how to loose weight without llosing boobs exercise

STEP 1 – Manage calorie intake

We all enjoy eating sandwiches and pizza during late hours, without realizing what they are doing to our body. While you are dieting, you can have a cheat day and perhaps eat a slice of pizza, but no more!

In order to burn fat, you will have to cut back on the number of calories you take per day. Your goal is to eat 500 calories less than you used to, in order to burn fat. If you were wondering how to lose weight without losing boobs, this is the first basic step you need to take.

STEP 2 – Lower your portions

Somehow the first and this second step are very similar when it comes to the question how to lose weight without losing boobs.

If you have been used to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and also treat yourself with sweets or other snacks, you need to stop this immediately. Instead, make 5 or 6 smaller portions which will contain fruits, nuts, and perhaps a salad.

STEP 3 – Cut down junk food!

Perhaps this is everyone’s guilty habit. Does eating in front of the TV sounds familiar to you? Well, perhaps this is why you have extra weight.

You should definitely stop eating foods made with flour, or packed with unhealthy fats. These foods are going to stop your weight reduction efforts and they will cause you to remain at your current weight.

The much healthier you eat the simpler it will be for you to slim down. If you want to know how to lose weight without losing boobs, this is important to keep in mind.

STEP 4 – Exercise, exercise, exercise

The best way to answer the question how to lose weight without losing boobs is probably by saying – You need to exercise!

It does not have to be in the gym, but instead you can do cardio workouts in the park, your backyard or doing chores. There are good ways to how to lose weight without losing boobs exercise

If you are losing fat around your body, you will notice the fat from your breasts is leaving as well. When this happens, you will have to develop muscle to keep your breasts firm and perky.

Do simply sets of 15 reps using for a quicky weight reduction. This will help you develop muscle and your breasts will stay firm.


When it comes to workout, your body also needs a support of  natural supplements which will help you burn fats more rapidly and will also increase your energy. Try Phen 375 and you will not have any regrets!

Now you now know how to lose weight without losing boobs.